100 Spanish proverbs and sayings

100 Spanish proverbs and sayings

The popular culture of our country has left us for centuries sayings and proverbs They are real jewels. Loaded with wisdom, most truly contain great truths. The list is long, but luckily we have already selected a few.

The best Spanish proverbs and sayings

Spanish proverbs that speak of the past, of time, of animals, of the family ... there are many more than you can imagine, and hundreds and hundreds of each subject. Even in many schools, proverbs and sayings that are easier to understand are taught to teach children.

Surely some of you already know them well because they pass from generation to generation. But it is very likely that you do not know many others, because sometimes they are only said in some regions of Spain. Don't worry, because here you will find a good handful of Spanish sayings, sayings and proverbs in its most current version.

“Each person owns their silence and slaves their words”

"A grain barn does, but it helps the partner"

"Who does not venture, does not pass the sea"

“Apprentice of everything and officer of nothing”

"Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today"

"Think wrong and be right"

“The more you have, the more you want”

“Past water does not move mill”

"He who waits, despairs"

"Wealth is measured in needs, not in property"

"... Although the monkey dresses in silk, mona stays"

"It is enriched who takes nothing and gets a lot"

"The one that is sinking is caught on a burning nail"

"If you want something, it's going to cost you"

"He who approaches a good tree, a good shadow covers him."

"Little by little you arrive before"

"To dead king, put king"

“Friends, in need; the flatterers, in opulence ”

"The one to follows her, get her"

"No one can run away forever"

"Weigh others, does not take away the dream"

"If you see the occasion true, do not fall into being a thief"

"I sell advice but I do not have any for myself"

“A full belly, soul without sorrow”

“It never rains to everyone's taste”

“Where they love you most, don't come back daily”

"To foolish words, deaf ears"

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"

"The greatest and most deserved wealth is wisdom"

“Big donkey, walk or not”

"A god begging and with the hammer giving"

"Which can not be consoled, it is because you do not want"

"At bad times, good face"

"Who steals who is a thief, has already a hundred years of forgiveness"

"To bread, bread, and wine, wine"

"He who kills iron dies iron"

"If the road is long, far is reached by shortening the pace"

"To more honor, more pain"

"Never say of this water I will not drink"

"With time and patience science is acquired"

Other Spanish proverbs and sayings

“Wherever your heart walks, it will be where your foot leans”

"Old cats make cute mice"

"Birds of a feather flock together"

“Wherever you go, do what you see”

"Who does love you, will make you cry"

"The scalded cat, from cold water flees"

"There is no worse time wasted than love without being reciprocated"

"With patience and mana, an elephant ate a spider"

"If today there is time to do, tomorrow you will cry not having done"

"He who does not cry does not breast"

"When the devil has nothing to do, kill flies with his tail"

“When the neighbor's beards see peeling, put yours to soak”

"Against the ugly vice of asking, there is the noble virtue of not giving"

“If you see that there is a road, avoid the countryside and the cumin”

“Whoever leaves and distributes, keeps the best part”

“Before getting in, promise”

"Hunger sharpens wit"

"He who saves, always has"

"Only love with love you have to pay, and the rest, with money and good storage"

“If the friend is absent, forgetfulness will come”

"Greedy heart, has no rest"

"There is nothing weirder than who is greedy, who prefers to save and see than to eat."

"The best writer also smears the page"

“If you have to know if it's good, you have to put it to the test”

"Everything is according to the glass with which you look"

"If you buy a hundred eyes better, than if you sell just one"

"He who warns is not a traitor"

“Lovers who quarrel often do it sometimes to enjoy peace”

“Whoever loses learns that what he learns is better than what he loses”

“The right to think badly, better to make mistakes than to succeed”

"Believe the thief that all are of his condition"

"The advice is given, not imposed"

"Whoever wants fish to wet his ass"

"Raise crows and they will take your eyes out"

"Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are"

"Whoever is free from sin, who throws the first stone"

“We grow old when we stop having fun, we don't stop having fun as we get older”

"From the fallen tree everyone makes firewood"

"Silence is consent"

"From saying to deed there is a good stretch"

"If you fear the mistake then you don't miss or hit"

“Bliss is in doing, loving and waiting”

“Everyone talks about the fair as they do in it”

"He who offers much, gives little"

"Mr money is a powerful gentleman"

"Who is born sucker, gorrino dies"

"Por eso quiero hacer las cosas con Calma y poder terminar Los trabajos pendientes"

"A river uprooted, gain of fishermen"

"He who excuses himself is accused"

"Who plays best is who only looks"

"Dress me slowly I'm in a hurry"

"Tell me what you presume and I will tell you that you lack"

"The one who hits first, hits twice"

“Better spent in the kitchen than in penicillin”

"Let each stick hold its candle"

"Raise fame and go to sleep"

"The penalties with bread are less"

"In the variety is the spice"

"He who went to Seville lost his chair"

"Loose lips sink ships"

"He who sows wind reaps storms"

"What you have you know when you lose it, what you lost, when you find it"

"Whoever itches, garlic eats"

“Going to the river from year to year is to tell about others and not about the master”

"In old age beauty is deceit"

“Seeing sin to sin invites”

“The big fish eats the boy”

"He who laughs last laughs better"

"Every master has his own trick"