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16 personality types, what is yours?

16 personality types, what is yours?

Classification of personalities according to Myers-Briggs

Personalities are classified according to a balance between four pairs of factors:

- Introversion (I) - extraversion (E)
- Intuition (N) - Sensation (S)
- Thought (T) - Feeling (F)
- Judgment (J) - Perception (P)

Depending on the score obtained in each pair, the personality will be classified into one of the following 16 types, would you know how to identify yourself with any of them ?:

ISTJ the scientist

They are responsible, organized, ideal people to create and maintain order within the systems and institutions. They are clean and tidy, inside and out, and tend to have a procedure for everything they do. Reliable and obedient, ISTJs want to keep the tradition and follow the rules. They prefer to work alone, but work well in teams if the situation requires it. They like to be responsible for their actions, and enjoy positions of authority. In general, ISTJs have great potential. They are capable, logical, reasonable and effective, with a deep desire to promote safety and maintain a peaceful life. They have what it takes to be highly effective and achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

ISFJ the protector

They are conventional and down to earth, enjoy contributing to maintain the established structures of society. They are stable workers and committed to a deep sense of responsibility towards others. They focus on fulfilling their duties, particularly when they are taking care of the needs of other people. They want others to know that they are reliable and trustworthy to do what is expected of them. They are thorough and methodical, and persist until they manage to finish their work.

INFJ the lawyer

They have a unique ability to intuit the emotions and motivations of othersThey often know how the other person feels before she knows it. They trust their views on others and have great faith in their ability to "read" people. Although they are sensitive, they are also very reserved; INFJs are very selective when sharing their intimate thoughts and feelings.

INTJ the architect

They are people who tend to analyze everything they see, looking for logic and theory in their surroundings. They are introverted and very thoughtful. INTJs are attracted to logical systems and are not comfortable with the unpredictable nature of other people and their emotions. They are usually independent and selective in their relationships, preferring to associate with people who find themselves intellectually stimulating.

ISTP the virtuous

They are very observant and logical. They have a flexible type of logic, are not rigid in thought and seek practical solutions to everyday problems. They are independent and adaptable, and usually interact with the world around them in an independent and spontaneous way. ISTPs are usually reserved, but not solitary. ISTPs appreciate the physical and sensory experiences that the world offers them.

ISFP the adventurer

They are people who They live in the present moment, enjoying their surroundings with joy and enthusiasm They are flexible and spontaneous, go with the flow and enjoy what life has to offer. ISFPs are calm and unpretentious, although they can be difficult to know. However, for those who know them well, they are warm and friendly, willing to share life's experiences.

INFP the mediator

They are sensitive, empathetic and compassionateThey are concerned about the personal growth of themselves and others. They have no prejudices and believe that each person must find their own way. They like to spend time exploring their own ideas and values, and encourage others to do the same. INFPs are creative and artistic; They enjoy looking for new paths of self-expression.

INTP the logical

They are innovative people, fascinated by logical analysis and design systems. They are guided by theory and seek a universal law behind everything they see. They want to understand the unifying themes of life, in all its complexity.

ESTP the entrepreneur

They are active and playful, often the life of the party and have a good sense of humor. They use their great observation skills to assess their audience and adapt quickly to maintain exciting interactions with those around them. Although they tend to be very social, they are rarely sensitive; ESTPs are fast-paced and easy emotions instead of strong emotional ones.

ESFP the animator

They are vivacious, lovely and artists. Spontaneous, energetic and fun-loving, enjoy all the things that surround them: food, clothing, nature, animals, but especially people. ESFPs are generally warm and talkative, have a contagious enthusiasm for life. They like to be in the middle of the action and be the center of attention. They have a playful and open sense of humor, they know how to help others have a good day.

ENFP the activist

They are individuals creative whose main interest are other people. They have an open approach to the possibilities of life, as well as a contagious enthusiasm for new ideas, people and activities. ENFPs are agile and expressive communicators, they know how to use their ingenuity, humor and mastery of language to create great stories. Imaginative and original, ENFPs often have a strong artistic side. They are attracted to art because of their ability to express innovative ideas and a deep understanding of human experience.

ENTP the polemicist

These are people who enjoy playing with ideas and especially joking with others. They use their ingenuity and mastery of the language to assert their beliefsThey like fun and can do eccentricities. While the ENTP enjoys challenging others, in the end they are usually happy living and letting live. They are rarely overly critical, but they may have little patience towards people who cannot keep up.

ESTJ the executive

Are the consummate organizers and like to have everything structured around it. They value predictability and prefer things that happen according to a logical order. When they see a lack of organization, ESTJs often take the initiative to establish processes and guidelines so that everyone knows how to organize better.

ESFJ the diplomat

They have a great value of loyalty and traditionThey usually make their family and friends their top priority. They are generous with their time and emotions. They often take the concerns of others as if they were their own, and then they will try to put their talent to bring order to the lives of others.

ENFJ the protagonist

They are people with great energy and momentum. They are in tune with the needs of others and are very aware of human suffering. They also tend to be optimistic and forward-looking, and intuitively they also see opportunities for improvement. The ENFJ is ambitious, but their ambition is not towards themselves, rather they feel responsible for making the world a better place.

ENTJ the commander

They are strategic leaders, motivated to organize change. They are quick to see inefficiency and conceptualize new solutions, they enjoy developing long-term plans to carry out their vision. They excel in logical reasoning and tend to be good strategists.

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